Andrea Reynolds, MBA, FCIPS our Cordie Director will be delivering the next fundamentals of procurement courses at Henley Business School on 22nd & 23rd November 2017. If you know of any colleagues or staff that may benefit from this training booking is now available online via the Cordie website which does accept card payments alternatively we are able to invoice if this is your preference.


The courses available are as follows:
• Procurement Fundamentals
• Negotiation Fundamentals
• Contract Law Fundamentals
• Supplier Management Fundamentals

Delegates may opt to attend half or full day sessions
• Half Day: £135.00
• Full Day: £240.00 (lunch included)
Please note prices exclude VAT
For further information or details visit the http://cordie.co.uk/open-procurement-courses/

Page or please do not hesitate to call on 01590 676787