CIPS Exam Enrolment Closure Date – September 2020 Exams

The enrolment closure date for the CIPS (September 2020) exam series is Friday 17 July 2020.

We still have places available on our online studies in the Cordie virtual classroom environment for Levels 4, 5 and 6.  Remember that all Level 4 study modules are supported with comprehensive interactive e-learning tutorials, as well as pre-recorded revision webinars.

Check out our latest timetables for the remainder of 2020 and also for 2021 on our Study Centres pages.


NEW: Virtual Study Centre

We are excited to announce the advent of our new ‘virtual’ study centre.  In response to the outstanding feedback received from our remote online teaching during the recent lockdown, we have opened up a new innovative teaching method as a study alternative for CIPS students who prefer to learn from the comfort of their own home.

This involves comprehensive online teaching in a virtual classroom environment and is supported with detailed e-learning plus pre-recorded revision webinars.

Contact us for further details.


Commercial Procurement & Supply Apprenticeship

Cordie is an accredited provider of the Commercial Procurement & Supply Apprenticeship working in conjunction with our main provider partner (Eastleigh College) on the ESFA’s register of approved training providers.

We continue to received many enquiries regarding the (ESFA Levy funded) Cordie - Commercial Procurement & Supply Apprenticeship and regularly hold Induction Days for new student cohorts. We are also able to accommodate in-house apprenticeship programmes or one based out of any of our four CIPS study centre locations.  We can arrange personalised learning schedules for you at any of these centres.

If you have an interest in enrolling a member of staff or colleague on this apprenticeship (which includes the CIPS Diploma in Procurement & Supply – Level 4 qualification) please get in touch.

For more information or to set up a meeting to discuss apprenticeships further with one of our Directors please call the Cordie head office on +44 (0) 1590 676787.